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How to Stay Motivated During an Extended Job Search

Updated: Jun 27

This is a job market like few have ever experienced.

In my Self-Recruiter® lecture series, I regularly meet individuals that have been seeking their next position for extended periods of time. Some for months (in an odd way, the luckier ones), but many that have been looking for quite some time.

Over the course of any job search, there are going to be emotional periods of ups and downs, the emotional roller coaster of finally getting an interview, and heartbreak again when we are not selected for the role that we were after.

Here is where statistics can be our friend –and motivator.

While overall unemployment statistics will give us no respite from the doom and gloom when we face the challenge of searching for our next position, if we understand the ‘interview-to-offer’ ratio statistics, that can add comfort –and motivation to push ahead to our next interview opportunity.


In a normal job market, which this is certainly not, for every 1st interview that we get (face-to-face, not ‘phone screens’, so push to be seen), a good candidate can expect to get an offer every 6 or 7 interviews.


Not as ‘good’ (yet)? Maybe a few more. Are you a ‘very good’ or ‘exceptional’ candidate?

Then for you it may be every 4 or 5 of these new first-time face-to-face interviews until you are in the right place at the right time, with the right skill set, to end op with an offer at the end of the interview process.

So, count up your interviews.

If you’ve had more that the expected number, you will likely benefit from coaching to become better, and sharper, at presenting your value in those interviews –and ‘closing’ the interviewer for agreement on that value.

If you are a few interviews shy of the target number, well then that might be just the motivation that you need to push ahead and convince a hiring manager or two that you will be ‘the very best business decision that they make today, if they choose to hire you!”


We have to be our own cheerleaders. Yes, it is tough to get up and realize that we have quite a challenge in this economy to develop any kind of Job Search Plan that will create better Career Choices for us. So, celebrate and recognize every single small ‘win’, while you are expanding your skill set on Job Search.


Success comes EVERY day. In taking on that scary challenge that we would rather not.

In making that call that we think we are not quite ready to undertake. In learning to properly, and valuably, present our accomplishments. In learning to speak about ourselves in a new way. And in every new connection that we make.

Before you know it, your abilities in the presentation of your very best points will be better and sharper than before, and that will help lead you toward Job Search Success.

Now… Let’s GET to WORK before the right, next Career Opportunity passes us by!

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John Crant

Author, Career Coach & Speaker on Job Search and Career Management

Featured Speaker for

The New York Public Library's JOB SEARCH CENTRAL


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As an industry manager, executive recruiter, recruiting & sales trainer, event speaker, and as VP of a nationwide system of recruitment offices, I have seen most every aspect of the hiring process and this varied insight is what provides the clarity you will find in this book.


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