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The Essence & Value
of Your Career

You have only Seconds to create Your “Value Impression”
Make sure everyone can see you ’the way you see you’!

Transformation / Reinvention of Career Branding & Materials:

 Your Resume & Linkedin Profile


Resume capturing the Essence & Value of Your Career

 LinkedIn Profile as an engaging 3-dimensional Sales Brochure, All About You!


• Speak directly with me, John Crant, & I’ll create your new Career Materials.

Building Career Value

Why Can’t They See
My Value?

Having to build your career value in every conversation is a heavy burden. Why don’t they respond to me, when I’m perfect for the job? It shouldn’t be this difficult to get others to see you as ‘you see you’.

An interview shouldn’t have to be an interrogation. When it feels like you are being cross examined, it means that your career materials didn’t properly ’speak to your value’. When they don’t respond to your application for a role, it means they couldn’t ‘see your value’.  


Get a Resume and LinkedIn Profile that lift Your Career Brand. Career Materials that make Interview Discussions begin in a new place, with new credibility. Be seen with the value that you’ve built during your career. Speaking directly with me, John Crant, & I’ll synthesize the elements of Your Story to create the Essence & Value of Your Career across your new Materials.

Working directly with John Crant

Career Branding

You, with Exceptional Value

A New Resume where Your Story Comes to Life.

Get truly Noticed, among a stack of thousands. It’s a fact of modern work life: your resume is competing with thousands of others for attention. Resume-blindness is a real concern, after they’ve looked at just the first few dozen or hundreds of resumes.

Make yours catch their attention.

A New LinkedIn Profile that draws them into Your Story

Take control of your story, with an engaging profile that becomes a 3-dimensional Sales Brochure, All About You! Story, accomplishments, images and involvement. Every element of your background can help to create the understanding of Your Unique Value.

It’s time to get the responses that you’ve earned, by showcasing You.

Make Your Impression Valuable & Visual

Let decision-makers ‘look over your shoulder’ in your Career, while viewing Your LinkedIn Profile. By utilizing just the right images from throughout your career, you can showcase your credibility, engagement and ability to provide solutions in your work life.

It’s a great way to show yourself as you are: a standout in your industry. 

What Others Are Saying

50+ Recommendation Reviews on Linkedin.

Connect with me on Linkedin to read these, and many more.

“John's intelligence, humor, drive and passion are on the same level as Robbins and Covey – truly something to be experienced.” 

“Generous and wise with his advice and I have found him to possess a rare ability to combine genuine empathy with grace and passion, along with the utmost practicality and realism.”

“He has provided me with excellent insights for my job search, and I would definitively recommend to anyone. He has a simple step by step process to become great self-recruiter.”

50+ Written Recommendations on LinkedIn

Connect with me on LinkedIn to read these, and many more

John Crant

Resume + LinkedIn
Career Package

It’s Your Career Branding, Reimagined

What's Included
& What to 

Created / built personally by me, John Crant: Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile
All Career Branding Elements: Headline, About/Summary, Highlights & Visuals
90-minute Interview Session: A deep dive to uncover Your Story
Target Market(s) Discussion: For your potential Career Move
Career Direction Advice: Discussion of new possibilities for Your Skill Set
Review Discussion(s): As many as needed, to get to the ‘right’ Resume & LinkedIn Profile
Job Search Strategy Discussion: My advice on the Most Effective Approach
Obstacles Discussion: Strategies for Items that may be holding you back 
Many Opportunities to Ask Questions: About job search, interviewing or career concerns, all while I’m creating your new Resume & LinkedIn Profile

A New Resume: Which allows the Value of Your Career to be absorbed in Seconds

A New Resume: Which helps the reader Visualize Your Career Path

A New Resume: In an Effective, Clear, Clean & Straightforward format

A New Resume: Retargeted for up to 3 Different Opportunity Types

A New Resume: Formatted in both Word & PDF

A New LinkedIn Profile: Reimagined into a 3-dimensional Sales Brochure, All About You!

A New LinkedIn Profile: Elevated with Visual Images: Profile, Banner & Career (selected, cropped & enhanced from what you provide)

A New LinkedIn Profile: New Group Memberships, to increase Your Network’s Reach

A New LinkedIn Profile: With Optimized Settings to make sure you can ‘take back control’

A New LinkedIn Profile: With Advice on using Social Media to enhance its Impact

  • How do I get started?
    Click on the 'Get Started Now' button, which will take you to the Career Branding page. You'll be able to read more on the process and steps of working together. When ready: 1) Select your services package and complete the checkout process 2) Forward any past resume(s) so that we don't miss discussing any part of your background that may exist on only one version or another 3) Share the best day / time for our 90-minute Interview Session phone conference meeting, which begins the renovation process of your Resume and LinkedIn Profile.
  • What hours can we meet?
    For the Interview & Review discussion sessions, appointments are scheduled from 9am – 4pm eastern time, Monday through Thursday. When other days or times are necessary for your schedule, we will select hours that work for both of our calendars.
  • Can I speak with you before selecting a services package?
    Yes, contact me and share the best day / time for our initial conversation. If you can also send a copy of your resume, I'll share commentary on your resume and what I see in your LinkedIn profile.
  • What do I need to do to get ready?
    Really, there is nothing to prepare. Once you select your services package, it's a simple as forwarding your past resume version(s), so we don't miss discussing any part of your background. That's it. There's no additional preparation needed, as we discuss everything in our Interview Session, including potential target markets, possible roles and employers of interest. When you are unsure of any of these areas, we brainstorm together during our session.
  • How do I know what I ‘don’t know’, about what I’d like to do in my next job?
    It's not unusual to feel somewhat lost. Many times clients have been so busy in their career, sometimes so beaten up in their career, they get burnt out. They want to reinvent themselves into some new direction, but, they just don't know where to start. It starts by telling the best story of value possible about what you have done. You have transferable skills that you have developed, and they will be of interest to employers in new directions, for new roles. Once we understand the value that you have developed, we'll brainstorm about who may be interested in leveraging that value.
  • How long does the process take for a new resume & LinkedIn profile?
    The time to reinvent your Career Brandin across your resume and LinkedIn profile can move at your speed. Each client is very different, with different needs. Some individuals need it yesterday, which is not possible. Others don't want to be rushed, and take their time with the process. In fastest terms, without rushing, it's possible to have our Interview Session, and complete your new resume and LinkedIn profile in as little as 2 1/2 weeks. The most typical timeframe for most clients is 3-4 weeks, working with my client's need for thoughtful review and discussion times. Other clients have 'exit packages' from their employer, and want to take 2-3 months for the process. It's at whatever speed is right for my client's needs.
  • How long (length) will my new resume be?
    We now live in a world where no one will read. It's a sad fact of life that portends terrible things for our future as a society. But, if we flip that understanding around, then you begin to know why every resume, no matter the length of career, can easily fit on a single sheet of paper. Your resume will come to life as a single sheet of paper, that helps the reader visualize your career path, value and why you should be seen for the roles that you are after.
  • What file format will my new resume be?
    Your new resume will be delivered in both PDF and Word formats.
  • Do I need multiple resume versions, to go after different types of jobs / roles?
    It may seem that way sometimes. But, once your career story on your resume is clarified and elevated, it will be the 'best telling' of each of your contributions during your career. In order to go after new or different directions, the resume itself does not need to change. To retarget for new roles / directions, it's about changing the 'positioning title', the 3-5 lines at the top of the resume, which should always represent a bullseye for the job you want. After all, you are presenting yourself as capable or qualified for that role, so hit the target and that center dot.
  • What do I have to do for my new LinkedIn profile?
    Images are very important for the challenge of bringing your career to life when someone is looking at anything on the web. This is the hardest part for individuals to try to do for themselves, as we are all so emotionally close to our own story –we lived the journey and only see it from our perspective. Using LinkedIn, we can showcase many aspects and qualities with just a few simple selections of images to enhance the text portion of the storytelling. The only work my clients need to do for their new LinkedIn profile is to comb though their image libraries, casting a wide net, and share with me the images that touched their work life. From this collection, I will cherry pick the ones that highlight your brand in the best way possible, cropping appropriately and overlaying text to bring your story center stage.
  • What if I need help with my job search planning; getting ready for an interview; outreaching to a decision-maker; or negotiating an offer?
    Most of my clients find they don't need additional coaching, after the process to renovate their resume and LinkedIn profile. With the right resume and LinkedIn profile, along with the approximately 6 hours of talk time involved in working together in that process, it's easy to understand why have the answers to navigate their challenges. For those that need additional help with planning, outreach, negotiations or other concerns, a coaching package puts a 'time bank' of discussions at your finger tips. How you utilize that time is up to you. I have clients that are very surgical in their approach and may book 15 minutes at a time to learn strategies to overcome 2-3 objections that they have run into. Other clients want a 1-hour prep session to learn how to truly prepare for an important interview, and a 30-minute debrief session to review how they did, and discover what they missed. It's a continual improvement process, and it's up to my clients to decide how to use that time best.

Your New Resume & LinkedIn Profile 

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John Crant Author, Career Coach and Speaker
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As an industry manager, executive recruiter, recruiting & sales trainer, event speaker, and as VP of a nationwide system of recruitment offices, I have seen most every aspect of the hiring process and this varied insight is what provides the clarity you will find in this book.

In these times, you really need to be your own specialist, your own career counselor, and your own recruiter: a Self-Recruiter®. And I'll teach you how.


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